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The Upstate Quartet is a funky, energetic, and talented jam band that originated in Gloversville, New York in 2003. Having cut their teeth and honed their considerable musical chops in the upstate area, they brought their sound westward in 2008, making their new home in Eugene, Oregon. Comprised of guitarist Jay Waylett, bassist Justin Alric, and drummer Matt Veeder the Upstate Quartet is a veritable feast for the ears. In the summer of 2018 Upstate Trio added longtime friend and guitarist Mike Self to make it four. Incorporating elements of rock, funk, reggae, blues, and jazz in their music in live performances, they seamlessly bob and weave through sets that include rousing, provocative originals as well as covers ranging from rocking Phish, Zeppelin, and Talking Heads tunes to intimate jazz standards, with the fluidity and precision of a Swiss watch. Catch them live for the full Upstate experience.